International Clients & Embassy Services

Unlocking Language provide a bespoke, confidential and prompt service for our international clients. You can be seen at our clinic on Harley Street or at your residence. We provide home visits at your convenience as we believe part of rehabilitation and therapy is to strategise in your own environment.

We are specialists in bilingualism and communication disorders and will ensure assessment needs are also met in your native language. If you wish speech therapy can be provided in English or in your native language as we have bilingual therapists and assistants.

We provide appointments within 24 hours and offer an accelerated, intensive treatment service model, dependent on your needs and duration of stay. Unlocking Language are pleased to offer a free 30 minute International Consultation to discuss packages specifically tailored to the needs of individuals.

Examples of our packages can include:

  • Accelerated and intensive speech and language program during your stay - either at our clinic or your home.
  • Comprehensive assessment and report with a treatment plan for you to take back to your treating therapist in your country.
  • Complete all assessment in the UK and provide a speech and language therapist to assist you in your country.
  • Skype services: Assessment and Therapy.

Click on the links for specific details on assessment and therapy for adults and children.

International Services

Due to the lack of service provisions in some parts of the world we offer an international speech and language therapy service. We provide two specific packages, individual clients and organizations. We will provide a free 30 minute International Consultation via phone or SKYPE to discuss a bespoke package.

Individual Clients:

  • | Formal Assessment of communication skills
  • | Comprehensive report containing treatment plan and targets to achieve within a timeframe
  • | Therapy will be handed over to somebody you choose, such as a family member or professional from your country
  • | Therapy via SKYPE
  • | We provide you with a resident speech therapist from our team who will provide daily and intensive therapy in your country
  • | MDT working with other professionals such as physiotherapists, ABA therapist, schools, etc.


We provide services for International organisations - this includes International schools, special schools, rehabilitation units, medical centres and private hospitals. We can support your organisation's service needs and devise a bespoke, cost effective and evidence based praision. We offer a free consultancy proposal of your service needs and identify praisian and costings.

Examples of packages include:

  • | Provide a UK graduate Speech and Language therapist for your organisation
  • | Provide assessments, treatment plans and therapy programs termly for your school - we would care every term fir 2 weeks
  • | Set up the Speech and Language therapy service and support your service with clinical supervision and intervention management using therapists from the UK and your own country.
  • | Training programs for staff e.g. seruco's, rehabilitation units, teachers etc.
  • | Identify the needs for speech and language therapy
  • | Identify areas of training
  • | Devise a proposal outlining your needs and costings (this is free)
  • | We can offer to place excellent speech and language therapists from our clinic into your organization
  • | We can support you to use speech therapists in your country by providing a Consultancy Service